Liana N. Sviridova
Senior Scientific Researcher, PhD

Official address:


Department of Electrochemistry
Faculty of Chemistry
M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University
Leninskie Gory,1-str.3, GSP-2
119992 Moscow

Phone +7(495)939-4515



1971 Diploma of M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University (equivalent of MSc)
1977 M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University Candidate of Science (PhD)
Thesis: «Kinetics parameters of hydrogen electroreduction at some liquid electrodes»



1976-present Junior Scientific Researcher, Senior Scientific Researcher, Department of Electrochemistry, Chemistry Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University



  • 2006 — The Prize of International Academic Publishing Company «Nauka/ Interperiodica» for the best publications in Russ. J. Electrochemistry in 2005 for cycle of papers «Electrochemistry of supramolecular inclusive complexes of macrobicyclic ligand (Kryptofix 222) with single-charged cations. Investigation of adsorption at electrode/ solution interface and influence on electrochemical reactions».
  • 2012 — The Prize of International Academic Publishing Company «Nauka/ Interperiodica» for the best publications in Russ. J. Electrochemistry in 2011 for cycle of papers «Investigation of adsorption of surface active organic compounds with skeleton molecular structure at nanostructured carbon electrode/solution boundary from different solvents and its effect on electrode reactions».

Main fields of research

  • Adsorption of organic and inorganic surface active substrates at the different kinds of electrodes
  • Kinetics of electrochemical reactions
  • Electrochemisry Macrocomplexes (Cryptate Complexes of inorganic ions)
  • Electrode materials and modified electrodes composed of conducting polymers and transition metal nanoparticles

Current grants

  • 2013 — 2015 «Electrochemistry of vertically aligned carbon nanowalls» (RFBR, 13-03-01301)
  • 2014 — 2016 «Functionalisation of metallic electrodes by supramolecular cucurbituril complexes: adsorption and photophysical effects» (RFBR, 14-03-00706)

Professional Activities and Service

  • Scientific Editor of Russian Journal of Electrochemistry;
  • Scientific Reviewer of Russian Journal of Electrochemistry
  • Member of the Organizing Committee of the Annual Frumkin session
  • Scientific Secretary of Electrochemistry Department


  • Students laboratory training
  • Graduated 6 diploma students


  • «ADSORPTION OF SURFACE-ACTIVE ORGANIC SUBSTANCES WITH CAGE-LIKE STRUCTURE AT DIFFERENT KINDS OF ELECTRODES IN DMSO.»// 9th International Frumkin Symposium «Electrochemical Technologies and Materials for 21th Century». 24-29 October 2010, Moscow, Russia;
  • «The Structure of the Electrode/Electrolyte Interface in Presence of Diprotonated Derivatives of Cryptand 2.2.2.» // XXII Symposium «Actual Problems of Chemical Physics» September 2010, Tuapse, Russia;
  • «Electrochemistry of Carbon Nanoforms at Adsorption of Molecules with Cage Structure.»// XVII Conference «ECOC-2010» September 2010,Tambov, Russia


  • «Adsorption of nonmetallic cations cryptates at electrode/electrolyte interface», 60 th Annual ISE Meeting, August 2009, Beijing, China;
  • «Processes at electrode/solution interface modificated by supramolecular ensembles of cryptand 2.2.2.» // XXI Symposium «Actual Problems of Chemical Physics» September 2009, Tuapse, Russia;