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The name of film studio “Eh-Film” should be understood as phonetical reverberation of two key letters in ElectroChemistry. This film studo started its activity with a movie (1965) presented below. Brief content of the movie is as follows. Academician Frumkin arrives to his Dept in Moscow University (usually he had spent two days at the Dept, and other days were devoted to his Institute). Staff is waiting for Frumkin in his office, and disappear from the office when Frumkin approaches the Dept. When he founds himself at his place, people start to come in turn, and he distributes various papers collected in his bag. One lady comes when he has already distributed everything, and he gives her simply a sweet, occasionally found in his pocket. The secretary of the Dept (Prof. Petrii, very young at this stage) rings the bell,and people start to come to Frumkin’s office for a seminar. This seminar is planned as the report of PhD student, who is very close to defence (or it seems to him that he is very close). This student starts his report, and it looks like Frumkin is sleeping, but he is able to notice immediately when one graph appears to be upturned… Frumkin’s dream in the course of this talk contains original record of his walk with Foma, his fox-terrier. Finally Frumkin proposes the student to continue his experimental work for two weeks. In two months, Frumkin appears in the lab, accompanied by Prof. Damaskin (who suprvises this PhD project). He proposes small additional work, but PhD student is already exhausted. He destroys his experimental setup, consisting of numerous glass fragments, and explains to Damaskin and Frumkin that it is now impossible to continue. Under these circumstances Frumkin allows to complete PhD…. The role of Frumkin is played by V. Veis, who was specially equipped with a bald-headed wig. The fragments in the beginning and in the end (at the staicase near the entrance to the Dept) are documental.  

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