Victor A. Safonov
Principal Scientific Researcher, PhD, Professor

Official address:


Department of Electrochemistry
Faculty of Chemistry
M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University
Leninskie Gory,1-str.3, GSP-2
119992 Moscow

Phone +7(495)939-5375



1969 Diploma of M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University (equivalent of MSc)
Diploma thesis: «Investigation of a specific adsorption of cations at Pt/Pt electrodes»
1973 M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University Candidate of Science (PhD)
Thesis: «Investigation of kinetic behavior in basic solutions of the hydrogen adsorbed on platinum electrod»
1991 M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University Doctor of Science
Thesis: «Double layer structure and passivation processes at conditions of chemisorption interaction of metals with organic solvents»



1972-present Junior Scientific Researcher, Associate Professor, Leading Scientific Researcher, Principal Scientific Researcher Department of Electrochemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University



  • 1997 — State Medal «To the Memory of 850-years of Moscow»
  • 1999 — Breastplate «Honorary Worker of the Higher Professional Education of Russian Federation»
  • 2002 — The Prize of International Academic Publishing Company «Nauka/ Interperiodica» for the best publications in its journals (Russian Journal of Electrochemistry) for the cycle of papers «Theoretical problems of electrochemical reduction of Cr(III) complex compounds. Investigation of the process mechanism, structure, composition and properties of the obtained deposits»
  • 2004 — Jubilee breastplate «250 Years of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University»

Main fields of research

  • Fundamental problems of metal corrosion
  • Electrodeposition of protective coatings (mechanism of processes, structure, composition and properties of deposits)
  • Specific features of the double electrical layer structure at the interface of alloy electrodes with electrolyte solutions (kinetics and mechanism of surface segregation processes)
  • Influence of chemisorption interactions at the metal-solution interface on the structure of double electrical layer, kinetics and mechanism electrode reactions
  • Computer simulation of electrochemical processes

Current grants

  • 2009 — 2011 «The influence of specific interactions at the interface of alloy electrodes with electrolyte solutions on the mechanism of surface segregation in the metal phase» (Russian Foundation for the Basic Research)
  • 2010 «Local structure and chemical state of phosphorus in amorphous binary alloys Ni-Co, Fe-Ni, and Co-Fe electroplated from hypophosphite containing electrolytes» (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Grenoble, France)

Professional Activities and Service

  • Deputy Editor-in-Chief of journal «Elektrokhimiya»/»Russian Journal of Electrochemistry»
  • Member of 2 Academic (Dissertation) Councils
  • Member of Scientific Council on Electrochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Member of Academic Council of Faculty of Chemistry, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University


  • Graduated 15 diploma students
  • Graduated 10 PhD students
  • Co-author of textbook «Practical works in electrochemistry», Moscow, Vysshaya Shkola, 1991.

Lectures, talks:

  • «New approach to the determination of chemical state of metalloids in the electrodeposited amorphous chromium and iron metals coatings». // International Conference on Functional nanocoatings, March 28 — 31, 2010, Dresden, Germany;
  • «Electrodeposition of amorphous metallic coatings and new approaches to investigation of their chemical composition». // Chernogolovka
  • «Surface segregation processes at the interface between renewable electrodes of binary alloys with different phase diagrams and electrolyte solutions». // 9th International Frumkin Symposium «Electrochemical Technologies and Materials for XXI Century», 24 — 29 October 2010, Moscow, Russia;
  • «Segregation of bismuth atoms in the surface layer of a mechanically renewable Ag-Bi alloy electrode at its interface with a surface inactive electrolyte solution»// 61st ISE Annual Meeting, September 2010, Nice, France


  • «Segregation processes in the renewed surface layer of an Au-Ag-Sn alloy electrode at the formation of its equilibrium interface with a surface inactive electrolyte solution» // 60th ISE Annual Meeting, August 2009, Beijing, China;
  • «Application of «Valence-to-Core» X-ray Emission Spectroscopy for Determination of the Chemical State of Metalloids in Crystalographically Amorphous Electrochemical Coatings of Iron Metals and Chromium» // 60th ISE Annual Meeting, August 2009, Beijing, China;