Selected publications

Leonid V. Pugolovkin
Recent papers (2009 — 2013)

Selected original papers

  1. Pugolovkin L.V., Naumova M.A., Fedorova A.A., Borzenko M.I., Tsirlina G.A. Half-wave potential as affected by supporting electrolyte nature:Interplay of adsorption and ionic association for electroreductionof V(V)-mixed addenda Keggin tungstophosphate. // Electrochim. Acta, 2013. V.11. P.292-298.
  2. Pugolovkin L.V., Vassiliev S.Yu, Borzenko M.I., Laurinavichyute V.K., Tsirlina G.A. Speciation in strongly acidic metastable solutions of oxotungstate(VI) compounds. // Russ. Chem. Bull. 2013. V.62. P.1317-1322.
  3. Laurinavichute V.K., Vassiliev S.Yu, Plyasova L.M., Molina I.Yu, Khokhlov A.A., Pugolovkin L.V., Borzenko M.I., Tsirlina G.A. Cathodic electrocrystallization and electrochromic properties of doped rechargeable oxotungstates.// Electrochim. Acta. 2009. V.54. P.5439-5448.