Selected papers

Jurii M.Maksimov
Selected papers

Recent papers (2009 — 2011)

  1. Yu.M. Maksimov, B.I Podlovchenko. Mechanism of interaction of molecular hydrogen with adsorbed oxygen on platinum electrodes under open circuit conditions. Russian Journal Of Electrochemistry. 2009. V.45. P. 81-86.
  2. A.V. Smolin, B.I. Podlovchenko, Yu.M Maksimov. Formaldehyde interaction with adsorbed oxygen on open-circuit platinum electrodes in aqueous sulfuric acid solutions. Russian Journal of Electrochemistry. 2009. V.45. P. 246-251.
  3. Yu.M. Maksimov, B.I. Podlovchenko. Peculiarities of Hydrogen-Oxygen Mixture Ionization at Platinum Electrodes. Russian Journal of Electrochemistry. 2009. V.45, P.1327-1332
  4. V.V. Kuznetsov, A.A. Kalinkina, Yu.M. Maksimov, B.I. Podlovchenko. Degradation of the Pt-MoO (x) composite catalyst in methanol solutions. Russian Journal of Electrochemistry. 2009. V.45. P.1211-1214.
  5. E.A.Tveritinova, Yu.M.Maksimov, Yu.N. Zhitnev, B. I. Podlovchenko, V.V.Lunin. Use of galvanic displacement method in synthesis of a Pd(Cu) hydrodechlorination catalyst. Mendeleev Communication. 2009.V.20. P.10-11.
  6. V. V. Kuznetsov, B. I. Podlovchenko, K. V. Kavyrshina, Yu. M. Maksimov. Oxidation of Methanol on Pt(Mo) Electrodes Obtained Using Galvanic Displacement Method. Russian Journal of Electrochemistry.2010.V.46. P. 1353-1357.
  7. B.I.Podlovchenko, U.E.Zhumaev, Yu.M.Maksimov, Galvanic replacement of copper adatoms platinum in PtCl42- solulions. J.Electroanal.Chem.2011.V.651. P.30-37 .
  8. Ulmas E. Zhumaev, Yuri M. Maksimov and Boris I. Podlovchenko. Galvanic replacement of copper adatoms from Pt/Pt electrode surface in H2PtCl6 solulions. Mendeleev Communication. 2011.V.21.P.29-30.


  1. A.V.Zosimov, Yu.M. Maksimov, A.M.Dychne, V.V.Lunin. «Process for Removal of Organo-Sulfur Compounds from Liquid Hydrocarbons» Patent USA №08/630758 от 11.04.96 .
  2. A.V.Zosimov, Yu.M. Maksimov, V.V.Lunin. «Electrochemical method of cleaning oil from Organo-Sulfur Compounds» .Patent RF №96/04969/04 от 26.03.96

Selected papers

  1. Yu.M.Maksimov, O.A.Petry, A.N.Frumkin. Influence strongly adsorbed substances on the ionization of molecular hydrogen on a smooth platinum. Electrochemistry. 1974.V.10.P.313.
  2. Yu.M. Maksimov, B.I. Podlovchenko. Electrochemical Studies At Platinum Metals In Hydrofluoric- Acid Solutions — Ionization Of Molecular-Hydrogen at Smooth Pt, Rh, and Ir Electrodes. Electrochemistry. 1979.V.15. P. 366.
  3. Yu.M. Maksimov, R.U. Bruners, B.I. Podlovchenko. Discharge and Ionization Kinetics of Adsorbed Hydrogen on Palladium In Acid-Solutions. Electrochemistry.1986.V. 22. P. 941.
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  7. Yu.M. Maksimov, E.A. Kolyadko, A.V. Shishlova, B.I. Podlovchenko. Electrocatalytic behavior of a palladium-polyaniline system obtained by electrodepositing palladium into a preliminarily formed polyaniline film .Russian Journal of Electrochemistry.2001.V.37. P.777.
  8. B.I.Podlovchenko, R.A.Manzhos, Ju.M.Maksimov. Interaction of HCO-substances with adsorbed oxygen on platinum electrodes: open transient reactions of HCOOH and CO. Electrochimica Acta. 2005. V.50. P.4807.