Jurii M.Maksimov
Senior Scientific Researcher, PhD

Official address:


Department of Electrochemistry
Faculty of Chemistry
M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University
Leninskie Gory,1-str.3, GSP-2
119992 Moscow

Phone +7(495)939-4027



1970 Diploma of M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University (equivalent of MSc)
1975 M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University Candidate of Science (PhD)
Thesis: «The study of the ionization of molecular hydrogen on smooth platinum and palladium electrodes»
2000 M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University associate professor



1973-present Junior Scientific Researcher, Senior Scientific Researcher Department of Electrochemistry, Chemistry Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University


Main fields of research

  • Electrochemistry
  • Electrocatalysis, kinetics of electrochemical reactions
  • Fuel cell catalysts: electrocatalysts with a nanocomposite structure, modification of electrodes with metal-polymer composites and underpotentially deposited metal ad-atoms, nanocrystalline graphite (carbon nanowalls), platinum metals

Current grants

  • 2009 — 2011 «Regularities of formation of electrocatalysts with a nanocomposite structure by the method of galvanic displacement» (RFBR);


  • Graduated 7 diploma students and 2 PhD students;

Lectures, talks:

  • Kuznetsov V.V., Podlovchenko B.I., Kavyrshina K.V., Kurbatov A.Yu., Maksimov Yu.M. «Electrooxidation of methanol at Pt(Mo)-electrodes» 9th International Symposium. Electrochemical Technologies and Materials for XXI Century. Abstrats/ Moscow 24-29 October, 2010. P.90.
  • V. A. Krivchenko, Yu. M. Maksimov, A. T. Rakhimov, N.V. Suetin, M. A. Timofeyev. «Nanocrystalline graphite as a material for electrochemical supercapacitors» The Annual Word Conference Carbon. Carbon 2010. Clemson. South Carolina. USA. July 11-16, 2010. P.393.