Kinetics of the elementary act of charge transfer

Headed by: Victoria A. Nikitina ( 


As every electrochemical reaction involves the transfer of charge across an interphase, the mechanism of charge transfer elementary act remains one of the most fundamental problems of electrochemical kinetics. Modern theory of charge transfer allows to describe the key aspects of the kinetic patterns of various charge transfer processes, including proton and ion transfer and bond-breaking reactions (V.G. Levich, R.R. Dogonadze, A.M. Kuznetsov, Yu.A. Chizmadzhev). The developed theory allows for the prognostic assessment of electrochemical reaction rates and for the critical comparison of the computed and experimental quantities. The most successful approaches to the problem involve both the novel experimental methods to specify previously inaccessible aspects of the reactant structure, solvent dynamics, reaction layer structure, and the application of molecular modeling to estimate other parameters of the theory (reorganization energy, work terms, electronic transmission coefficient).


Research projects

I. Predicting charge transfer rates: the effects of solvent, electrode material and the reactant nature

II. Ion transfer kinetics

III. Kinetics of electrocatalytic processes

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