Materials for electrochemical processes

The main goal of the “Materials for electrochemical processes” lab ‘s activity is development and study of inorganic materials which are used in electrochemical cells (mainly batteries) or obtained by an electrochemical route. Our progress is a result of the complementary combination of inorganic chemistry, material science and electrochemistry. The majority of the objects of our studies are implied to find an application in a real devices within the foreseeable future (3-10 years). However, fundamental investigations are also an inherent part of our activity.
The basic directions of our work are the following:


Synthesis and study of the cathode and anode materials for metal-ion (Li-ion, Na-ion, K-ion) batteries

The main objects of our studies are complex phosphates, fluoride phosphates, borates and oxides of d-elements and alkaline metals. Image below: morphology and electrochemical properties of solvothermally prepared Li(Fe,Mn)PO4 cathode materials – the most possible candidates for the near-future application in a “made-in-Russia” high-energy and high-power batteries.
SH2-SH7_Comp copy


Development of different kinds of in situ and operando techniques.

We constructed and succesfully tested electrochemical cells for in situ and operando X-ray powder diffraction, synchrotron powder diffraction and X-ray absorption spectroscopy, neutron powder diffraction and Moessbauer spectroscopy. Image below: transformation of the olivine 211/020 peak of the X-ray pattern during Li intercalation (discharge) for the LiFePO4, LiFe1/2Mn1/2PO4 and LiFe1/3Mn1/3Co1/3PO4 cathode materials in operando regime
Fe_FeMn_FeMnCo_211_020 copy


Electrochemical modification of inorganic materials, mainly superconductors

Image below: we enhanced the superconducting transition temperature (Tc) of tetragonal Fe1+δSe from 8.5 K to 44 K by electrochemical introducing of only 0.06 Li+ into its crystal structure
Fig_5 copy


Our work is being performed in a close cooperation with Inorganic crystal chemistry lab and Skoltech Centre for electrochemical energy storage



Antipov E.V., prof, corr. RAS member – head of the lab. E-mail




Drozhzhin O.A., Ph.D. – senior researcher, deputy head. E-mail




Laurinavichyute V.K., Ph.D. –  senior researcher




Shlykova Yu.V. – economic authority



Sumanov V.D. – Ph.D. student




Tereshchenko I.V. – Ph.D. student




Zakharkin M.V. – Ph.D. student




Shevchenko V.A. – student
Gamzyukov P.I. – student
Abdullaeva Sh.N. – student
Scripnikov I.M. – student
Grebenshchekova A.D. – student



Recent publications:

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