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Aleksandr Naumovich Frumkin (1895-1976)

Department of Electrochemistry
founded 1 May 1933 by academician A.N.Frumkin


Department of Electrochemistry at the Centenary. Pages of history
Academician Aleksandr Naumovich Frumkin
Frumkin Institute, Theoretical Department
Veniamin (Benjamin) Grigor’evich Levich
Alexander Mikhailovich Kuznetsov
Vladimir Sergeevich Bagotsky
Mikhail (Menassii) Isaakovich Temkin
Boris Nikolaevich Kabanov (in Russian)


Laboratory of Electrical Double Layer and Electrode Kinetics
Laboratory of Electrocatalysis and corrosion
Laboratory of Electrochemical energetics
Laboratory of High Energy Chemistry (former Laboratory of Radiation Chemistry)

Selected papers

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Some papers of XX century
Frumkin's papers
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Special Courses for Diploma students at the Dept of Electrochemistry (in Russian)
Courses at Chemical Faculty MSU (in Russian)
Course at Material Science Faculty MSU (in Russian)
Course in MIPT (specialization «Electronic and magnetic nanostructures») (in Russian)
Course "Quantum chemistry of condensed and nano systems" (in Russian)
Programs of successive course works, diploma and PhD research (in Russian)
Popular scientific lectures (in Russian)
A.N.Frumkin Prize for papers published by under- and postgraduate students (physical chemistry related to electrochemistry) (in Russian)

Personal web pages

Evgeny V. Antipov (PhD, D.Sci, Professor, Head of Department)
Maria A. Choba (Senior Scientific Researcher, PhD)
Boris B. Damaskin (PhD, D.Sci, Professor)
Veronika K. Laurinavichute (Senior Scientific Researcher, PhD)
Jurii M. Maksimov (Senior Scientific Researcher, PhD)
Oleg A. Petrii (PhD, D.Sci, Professor)
Boris I. Podlovchenko (PhD, D.Sci, Professor)
Leonid V. Pugolovkin (PhD, Scientific Researcher)
Victor A. Safonov (Principal Scientific Researcher, PhD, Professor)
Elena V. Stenina (Leading Scientific Researcher, PhD, DSc)
Liana N. Sviridova (Senior Scientific Researcher, PhD)
Andrey L. Tchougreeff (PhD, D.Sci, Leading Research Associate)
Galina A. Tsirlina (PhD, D.Sci, Leading Research Associate)
Mikhail A. Vorotyntsev (PhD, D.Sci, Docent)


Sergey N. Pronkin
Ilya V. Pobelov
Nataliya V. Roznyatovskaya


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