Frumkin Institute, Theoretical Department

Starting from 2005 Frumkin Institute exists as a part of joint Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry RAS. I feel responsibility for keeping, jointly with the RAS part of Frumkin School, the memory about Frumkin Institute as I observed it in 1980th from inside, and later for many years of cooperation with Theoretical Dept.
These pages are not well ordered, but it is better than nothing. The first attempt to collect some papers and photos was stimulated by celebration of V.G.Levich jubilee in MSU in 2007:

In the old text dedicated to Levich's 60th birthday one can meet a phrase "The readers of this note will not need to be reminded of the present situation of this remarkable man." I am afraid that many people still need to be reminded....
In 2007, at MSU session dedicated to Levich, Alexander M Kuznetsov presented a wonderful brief talk about Theoretical Dept, with complete list of staff.
Alexander Mikhailovich Kuznetsov was the unique person amalgamating people, as well as various scientific branches. It was a great fortune to communicate with him, and it is our natural duty to collect his works. We shall do our best to add the translations of the most important early papers in future.