Laboratory of Electrocatalysis and corrosion
(headed by Professor O.A.Petrii)

A wide group of electrocatalytic and corrosion phenomena on metals, alloys, oxides and composite materials is under study. These studies are based on the microscopic approach to experimental and theoretical consideration of the processes, and traditional electrochemical techniques are combined with scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy, ellipsometry and also with conventional complex of physico-chemical techniques of material characterisation. Novel methods for fabricating nanostructures and multiphase compositions on the basis of anodic and cathodic electrocrystallization are worked out. New approaches to molecular design of the surface of electrodes-catalysts are developed.
Basics of electrocatalysis, mechanisms of electrocatalytic processes and electron transfer elementary act in heterogeneous systems are accented, including experimental verification of modern quantum-mechanical theory of elementary act , molecular modeling (in cooperation with Kazan State Technological University), experiments with in situ newly generated surfaces of metals and alloys, in situ optic studies of the multicomponent adlayers (in cooperation with Moscow Institute of Radioengineering, Electronics and Automation).
The lab is involved in two applied projects related to aluminum industry and alkaline fuel cells, cooperating actively with the lab of Inorganic Crystallochemistry.

Recent publications

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