Pronkin Sergey Nikolayevich

born 17.05.1976

Moscow, Russia

Graduated from Chemical Department, Moscow State University (1997), senior research fellow at Department of Electrochemistry, Chemical Faculty, MSU.

Phone: +07-495-939-1321



Moscow, 119899, GSP-2, Leninskie Gory, 1
Moscow State University,
Chemical Faculty, Dept. Electrochemistry

Education and Activities

Diploma thesis: “The investigation of crystal size effects origins in electrocatalytic processes on platinized platinum”, completed June 1997

PhD thesis: “The structure of platnium nanocatalysts and their electrochemical properties “, completed June 2000

Personal Fellowships

Research experience and interests

Selected Publications

  1. O.A.Petrii, G.A.Tsirlina, S.N.Pron’kin, F.M.Spiridonov, M.L.Khruscheva, Platinized platinum: the dependence of particle size and texture on the preparation conditions. Russ.J.Electrochem., 25(1999)12-22

  2. S.N.Pron’kin, G.A.Tsirlina, O.A.Petrii, S.Yu.Vassiliev, Nanoparticles of Pt hydrosol, immobilized on Au support and approach to the study of structural effects in electrocatalysis, Electrochim.Acta 46(2001)2343

  3. S.N.Pron’kin, O.A.Petrii, G.A.Tsirlina, D.J.Schiffrin, Size effects on the electrochemical oxidation of oxalic acid on nanocrystalline platinum. J.Electroanal.Chem., 480(2000)112-119

  4. Th.Wandlowski, K.Ataka, S.Pronkin, D.Diesing, Surface enhanced infrared spectroscopy – Au(111-20nm) sulphuric acid – new aspects and challenges, Electrochimica Acta 49(2004)1233-1247

  5. S.Pronkin, Th.Wandlowski, Time-resolved in situ ATR-SEIRAS study of adsorption and 2D phase formation of uracil on gold electrode. J.Electroanal.Chem., 550-551(2003)131-147

  6. S.Pronkin, Th.Wandlowski, ATR-SEIRAS – an approach to probe the reactivity of Pd-modified quasi-single crystal gold film electrodes, Surf. Sci., 573(2004)109-127

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