Collection of Frumkin’s works

Frumkins’s bibliographic record was first published in a series ‘Bibliography of the scientists of USSR’  (the Academy of Scences of the USSR, 1955 and 1970). Selection of Frumkin’s papers was published in 1987–1988 (Ed. B.P. Nikolskii, Moscow, Nauka Publisher) and included two volumes: Electrode Processes (1987, 336 p.) and Hydrogen Overvoltage (1988, 240 p.). The latter volume contains the complete list of Frumkin’s publications.

Collection presented below is a joint project of the Depertment of electrochemistry and the creators of Frumkin’s memorial museum located in the Frumkin Institute, RAS. Starting from 2016 we started to supplement the list of publications with the full texts of Frumkin’s original publications.

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Monographs and reviews

Original papers

Abstracts of the conference talks

Enciclopedic articles

Editorial texts and Prefaces

Translations of foreign authors performed or edited by A.N. Frumkin


History of physical chemistry and electrochemistry

Discussions, reviewer reports, comments, notes

Interviews and popularization