Electrocatalysis (platinum group metals)

Headed by Professor Boris I. Podlovchenko
(email:  podlov@elch.chem.msu.ru)

We create the active electrocatalysts and sudy the kinetics of electrode processes which take place in energy storage devices. In particular, we developed the electrochemical techniques of catalyst fabrication, which allow to control metal quantity in the catalysts with the low content of platinum group metals. We also worked out the approach to regulate metal content and dispersion in the catalyst by means of changing the nature of the support, deposition potential, and electrolyte composition.

Our recent research is concentrated on galvanic replacement and electrochemical leaching as the tools to fabricate active  catalysts for oxidation of small organic molecules (СН3ОН, НСООН, etc).  Our goal is to decrease the content of the platinum group metals and to increase their specific activity by combining these noble metals with less expensive components  (e.g., Сu, Bi, Pb). We were lucky to prepare a number of structures being of practical interest for fuel cells which operate with organic fuels. Our work is also essential for further understanding of electrochemical oxidation of НСО-species. This scientific direction was started in 1960th under supervision of A.N. Frumkin.

We cooperate with Prof. V.V. Kuznetsov (Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology)  in the studies of platinum group metals modified with molybdenum oxocompounds. Galvanic replacement of molybdenum was demonstrated to be prospective for fabrication of the mixed catalysts (Pt, Pd – molybdenum oxides). The electroless Pd eposition on molybdenum bronzes resulted in the catalyst with activity comparable to Pt activity in respect to methanol oxidation.

Recent publications

  1. Boris I. Podlovchenko , Vitaly V. Kuznetsov, Roman S. Batalov, Palladium catalyst modified with molybdenum bronze as a possible alternative to platinum in the methanol oxidation reaction, Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 20 (2016)  589-595.
  2. B.I.Podlovchenko , Yu.M. Maksimov , S.A., T.D. Gladysheva , K.I. Maslakov , V.A. Krivchenko, The use of galvanic displacement in synthesizing Pt0(Bi)/CNW catalysts highly active in electrooxidation of formic acid,  Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 743 (2015)  93-98.
  3. Б.И. Подколочено , Ю.М. Максимов , А.Г. Уткин, Формирование структуры типа ядро–оболочка в системе Pd–Ag электрохимическим выщелачиванием сплава, Электрохимия 51 (2015) 1011-1019 .
  4. Tatyana D. Gladysheva , Boris I. Podlovchenko , Dmitry S. Volkov , Alexander Yu.  Filatov, Surface modification of PtPd alloy electrodes by potential cycling. Electrocatalytic properties, Mendeleev Communications 26 (2016)298-300.

podlov@elch.chem.msu.ru +7-(495)-939-4027