Adsorption of supramolecular compounds and organic moleculs with the rigid structure

Headed by Professor Elena V. Stenina (email:

We study the adsorption of organic species at the electrode surfaces, with special attention to 2D condensation (formation of quasi-solid adlayers with very strong lateral attraction). 2D condensation was discovered in 1970th for the molecules with a rigid molecular structure (like camphor and  adamantan derivatives), and we follow the approach to determination of adsorption parameters which had been developed in these initial studies.

Currently we are working with the rigid macrocycles (cryptands, cucurbit[n]urils). Their adsorption allows to fabricate functional interfaces and to disperse carbon materials. We are also dealing with the effect of organic adlayers on the kinetics of electron transfer.



We are also dealing with complex molecules formed by cucurbit[n]urils and organic dyes. Adsortion of thos complex species on gold and silver allows the spectroscopic study of the effect of plasmon resonance on the fluorescence intensity (jointy with N. Petrov’s group, Center of Photochemistry RAS).

Recent publications

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