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Moscow State University Chemistry Department

20 jubilee of 1981 graduates

“DESYATAYA STOLOVAYA” is already reserved
for May, 12, 2001

Registration is too slow! Please, glance these photos and remember everybody!

Our past
501 502 503 504 505 506 507 508 509 510 512 514 515

More fresh
2000, group 11 et al.

Program for May 12
13.00-13.30registration (Chemical Faculty, see details in Russian page after arrival)
14.00Photo with immediate subsequent transfer of people to desyataya stolovaya
Further details will be announced just at 14.30

To EVERYBODY who have graduated in 1981 and/or entered in 1976. Please,

confirm as soon as possible your
1) existence
2) participation

via e-mail:
by phone: +7(495) 933-0166 (Sergey Kachusov)
+7(495) 939-3877 (Yulya Zakharova)
+7(495) 939-1321 (Galina Tsirlina)
in a paper form using
the address of Chemical Faculty:
Dept. of polymers, Zhakharova Yu.A.
Dept. of Electrochemistry, Tsirlina G.A
send simultaneously or slightly later, to the same addresses, your filled questionnaire;
if your participation is impossible, give us a chance to see your face - please, be sure to send a photo (as an attached file, *.tif is preferable);;
distribute the information about this site among everybody you are contacting with;
visit this site from time to time - it will be renewed regularly!


you can miss some questions!!!
any comments are welcomed, including poetry and music —
for the latter *.mp3 is preferable
2.Name (former)
3. Country of your current location
(point out for May 2001)
4.Ñurrent activities
(please, mark one or more points)
science connected with chemistry?
business connected with chemistry?
something else
5.Scientific Degree/Title
7.Family details
(quantitative data)
children in particular boys girls
grandchildren in particular boys girls
8.A number of course-mates
whom you are contacting
up to 10 persons
more than 10 persons
9.A list of (up to) 10 persons
who left the most pronounced
recollections during the period
of 1976-1981
10.Do you feel yourself able
to become a sponsor? Slabo?
I can Slabo
11.Contact adress
12.Addition information

E-mail logo Mail to: tsir@elch.chem.msu.ruLast updated: 18 february 2001