Selected publications

Galina A. Tsirlina
Selected Publications


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Monographic Chapters

  1. O.A.Petrii, G.A.Tsirlina, Electrochemistry of oxide high-temperature superconductors. In Advances Electrochem. Sci. Electrochem. Eng. /Ed. D.Kolb et al, VCH, 1998, v.5, p.61-123.
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  3. Entries in Electrochemical Dictionary, A.J.Bard, G.Inzelt, and F.Scholz (Eds.), Springer, 2008, XIV, 724 p.
    The most important entries are relted to various ‘Potential’ notions (jointly with O.A.Petrii).
  4. G.A. Tsirlina, Surface thermodynamics of metal/solution interface: the untapped resources, in Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry, C. G. Vayenas, R.E. White, and M.E. Gamboa-Aldeco (Eds.), Springer, 2010, vol.50 («Interfacial phenomena in Electrocatalysis»).


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Selected original papers

Electron transfer kinetics

  1. R.R.Nazmutdinov, G.A.Tsirlina, Yu.I.Kharkats, O.A.Petrii, M.Probst, Activation energy of electron transfer between a metal electrode and reagents of non-spherical form and complicated charge distribution. Cr(EDTA) complexes. J.Phys. Chem.B, 1998, v.102, p.677-686.
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Electrochemical material science


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Platinum group metals, nanostructuring

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Palladium Hydride Formation

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Other metals, nanostructuring

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Melt eletrochemistry

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In situ optics

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STM-related topics

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Electrochemistry of polyoxometataltes
(See also papers marked * above)

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